Why would I outsource instead of hiring an employee?

In more cases than not, a business needs an employee. There is benefit in having someone who is solely dedicated to you and works a regular schedule. You as the employer can regulate the worker’s schedule, how the job is performed, etc.

However, having an employee is not an option for every business. It might be because there is not enough of a workload to justify hiring an employee. Perhaps the economy, taxes, insurance and legalities that go along with having an employee may make it infeasible. You might not have the space, a computer or other necessary pieces of equipment for an employee to utilize. Or perhaps you prefer to work alone and/or do not want to manage employee(s). In these situations, outsourcing administrative work may meet your support needs and is often more cost effective.

There are benefits to both methods of getting your administrative work accomplished. The decision to hire or outsource depends greatly on your business needs, finances and timelines.

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