Balancing Home Office Distractions

It can be tough to limit distractions while working from a home office. Yes, there are plenty of things to do around your house…laundry, dinner prep, mop, check the home mail… But there are just as many things to do to keep your business on tract.

Try cycling your time. For example, stay on task for 50 minutes, followed by another 10-20 minutes for yourself (or your household).  Repeat. A kitchen timer is effective for managing these time intervals.

Do you have children at home while you work? Make your time intervals equal to their attention span and ability to play independently. For example, if your son or daughter has a 30 minute attention span – work for 30 minutes followed by 20-30 minutes to spend with the child(ren). During that time play, prepare snacks and engage him/her in the next independent activity. As your child(ren) get older increase or adjust the length of time intervals to reflect their increased (or decreased) attention spans. You and the little ones will be happier at the end of the day.

Remember run your home office… don’t let it run you.

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