Goals Goals Goals…

We all need goals to aim for right? They are important to our success and give us something to achieve. Goals are needed in both our personal and business lives. I wonder however, how many of us actually write them down and create a plan to get there.

I hear of friends who place a picture of an item they want (lets say a new car) on an inspiration board. And there are companies who have a goal to reach a sales quota or increase their revenue. Great goals, but how do you get there?

In creating a plan to achieve goals consider the following categories:

1. What is the exact goal? (Meet a sales quota, increase revenue)

2. What objectives or items needed to achieve the goal? (Additional marketing materials, networking, lower overhead/cost of production)

3. Create a plan/strategy to reach the objectives and obtain the items needed. (Find marketing resources, update company image, have an energy audit; evaluate/renegotiate contracts for materials)

4. Complete the items necessary in your plan/strategy. (Work towards checking of items within the plan)

5. Revisit plan/strategy for accountability and to adjust for any changes.

Goals are more than a dream or hope for the future. A bit of thinking and strategy is required. Make them realistic, attainable and planned so that you enable yourself to succeed.

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