Ten Ideas to Green Up Your Business

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day…. Below is a list of a few small things you can do to be environmentally friendly in your business.

1. Send emails instead of snail mail whenever possible. For instance, most accounting programs let you email invoices. Save a stamp and paper by emailing your invoice.

2. Use florescent lights in your office. Replace any burned out bulbs with florescent bulbs.

3. Save energy! Shut down any lights, computers, printers and other machines when you leave for an extended period of time. Does your equipment have a “sleep” mode?

4. Use recycled office paper and other products. There are many good sources for these. Go for 100% recyled whenever possible.

5. Use printing companies that use recycled paper and earth friendly inks. Ask your graphic designer for green printing options.

6. Investigate soy based inks!

7. Consider a programmable thermostat. Save on fuel consumption by keeping your building a few degrees warmer or cooler.

8. Take your lunch to work in reusable containers. No more plastic baggies and utensils. And skip the disposable plastic water bottles.

9. Recycle Recycle Recycle – paper, batteries, toner cartridges, bottles, computers, cans….

10. Use earth friendly, non toxic cleaning supplies. It is amazing how many great products are on the market.

Most of these ideas are simple, small changes. Try a few, Try them all. You’ll be amazed at how many consumers will appreciate your effort to be green.

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2 Responses to Ten Ideas to Green Up Your Business

  1. Jennifer Moore Temple says:

    We use Laptop Lunches for packing our lunches, mostly leftovers from the night before. They are easy to use (children can open them easily). http://www.laptoplunches.com/

  2. Métier - Business Solutions says:

    Wow Jennifer! These are great! I'll be ordering a few. And will pass the word. Thank you.

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