Are YOU last on YOUR to-do list?

I have done it -  Canceled a hair or dentist appointment because my work list is too long. Running out of time to exercise because I didn’t bring my work day to close in time.

When was the last time you put time to yourself on your to-do list?  We should be on our lists and closer to the top of the list. Never at the bottom of the list.  Really, how often do you get around to the last item on your list?

We are all busy. Superwomen and Supermen that can handle everything. Eliminate, delegate or outsource a few items. Reduce your stress, shorten your to do list and incorporate time for yourself.

Just taking some time to breathe, mediate or exercise can renourish you, and make your day easier. Chances are your friends, coworkers and family will notice a positive change in you as well.

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