Reducing costs and improving your bottom line

Evaluating your building operational costs can be a good first step towards cutting costs and trimming your budget. Where to start? What to review? Start small, look for the simple less expensive changes like changing light bulbs to more energy efficient ones then dive into the big projects like energy audits. You might be surprised at the ways you can trim your operating budget.

  • Look at your lighting. Try motion activated sensors for bathroom and closets. Replace light bulbs with lower energy alternatives can greatly affect your electric bill.
  • Look for space that is not being utilized efficiently. Can you reorganize and condense your business into lesser space? Can that space be used for another income generating aspect of your business? Or can you lease the space and offset some of your costs with the rental income?
  • Review and renegotiate your janitorial/maid service contracts.
  • Service your heating, air conditioning or HVAC system. Ask the technician for ways to reduce costs and optimize efficiency.
  • Reduce your garbage removal costs by implementing a recycling program.
  • Add or adjust automatic thermostat settings to a more efficient energy setting.
  • Conduct an energy audit. There are a number of companies that will suggest ways to reduce energy costs.
  • Review your insurance coverage.
  • Review your tax valuation.

Create a plan to evaluate your building and its’costs annually. After all, the best time for your building to run efficiently is all the time.

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  1. Teresa Jackson says:

    Great ideas! Another way to save space is to change to a more space efficient type of shelving/file cabinets. Because office square footage and off-site storage is usually very expensive the return on investment may be surprisingly short.

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