Put a smile on and get out of your car

Every person you meet has the potential to bring you business.  It could be the lady you standing in line behind you at the grocery store, the postmaster or your hairdresser.  Every time you venture out into your community, you could meet your next client or future lead.

Our world has been made convenient for us and we can do most everything from inside our cars. The next time you head out to run errands – try to be seen. Skip the drive-up bank teller and go inside.  Go into the post office to drop off your mail.  Ask someone to lunch each week. Hand deliver your letters/packages to local businesses that are in route.  Go to (inside) a local coffee shop routinely. There are countless errands that you can make more personable.

No need to walk out the door with a sales pitch. Just bring a smile, a positive attitude and a passion for your work.  People will be drawn to you and your enthusiasm and will remember you the next time they have business to send your way.

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