Why use social media for your business: Facebook and Twitter

It is becoming increasingly apparent that social media and in particular Facebook and Twitter are becoming a standard advertising methods for businesses. Static websites are becoming old technology and are being replaced by blog sites such as WordPress. Our digital world is changing and people (think: customers) are becoming accustomed to engaging with people and businesses instantaneously. In fact, President Obama declared the US as a nation of “Google and Facebook” in his 2011 State of the Union Address.

You will notice that social media icons/buttons are being added to websites, e-newsletters, email marketing and blogs. Customers have the ability to “Like” your products and posts and repost your information on their Facebook page. Also customers can “Retweet” items of interest on Twitter. What happens then? Your business product, blog, information is instantly shared with that customers group of friends, family and colleagues. This passing along of information from is called viral marketing.

According to Constant Contact Viral is defined as “When a piece of content on the Internet is shared organically, without prodding or encouragement from the business, organization, or person who created it, it is said to have “gone viral.” This means it has been shared on social networks, posted and reposted, tweeted and retweeted multiple times.”

We get asked frequently if a business should have a Facebook Page and Twitter Account. In today’s online world and communication methods our answer is YES.

So let us recap and expand on why your business should be on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Facebook and Twitter allows two additional methods of increasing your brand awareness.
  • They allow opportunities to expand the online profile of a businesses.
  • They allow businesses to engage and interact instantly with the online community.
  • Social Media sites have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through dynamic and changing content.
  • Social Media generates increased brand and product exposure through viral marketing.
  • Facebook offers a large variety of applications that can reflect the nature of your products and services.
  • Facebook fans can “Check-In” via their mobile device at your business which instantly updates their personal page with information about your business.
  • Facebook Insights can offer businesses a way to researching the demographics of their fans and view the success of their posts.
  • Facebook and Twitter are searchable in search engines such as Google.
  • They allow businesses to share specials, offers and offer incentives to potential clients.

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