Growing up with Sisters: Playing FourSquare

Growing up in the 70’s with three sisters, it was only natural to have an afternoon game of foursquare. My youngest sister would bring out the chalk, while I had the steadiest hand and was assigned to drawing the boxes. To start the game, it was understood that my oldest sister was in the top corner, as she was the matriarch of the family and each of us started in our appropriate squares, eventually working our way to the #1 spot.

Today, if I mention to my sisters that I just checked-in with foursquare I receive a puzzled look from each of them, almost as if, “I cannot believe she is still playing that game”. Well girls, you need to check this out. Foursquare today is a little different from when we were growing up. It is cool, interactive and of course, you can play it on your smartphone.

This morning my husband and I took our normal Saturday drive, stopping at the local farm stand, stopped at a sidewalk sale at Home Accents, followed by a browse thru an antique dealer on route 1, and finally grabbing a cup of soup at the new Mainely Wraps.  To my dismay, none of these local businesses were registered with foursquare. Being excited about my download, I wanted nothing more than to check in and start accumulating points. I wanted to be crowned mayor!

Better luck next week.


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