Working from Home: Coffee Shop Energy

As I was packing my bag yesterday to head out of town for a business trip with my husband, my teenage son looked at me and asked, “mom, I don’t know how you do it. When I am home I have no energy to do work, I would never be able to work from home. I would miss seeing people and would be so distracted with all the other things going on at home.  Do you like working from home?”

I was taken back by his words, and honestly surprised that he even gave it that much thought. I enjoy working from home, being there for the kids, and having the flexibility to jump out of the office to accommodate the daily schedule changes of my family. But there are times when I miss the energy of the office, the chats around the water cooler and the celebratory high fives when accomplishments are made.

I have been able to fulfill a drained personal battery with trips to the local coffee shops or wi-fi hot spots and my battery is almost instantly restored. I know that someday I may need to work out of a “standard” office environment, but honestly I hope that this day does not come for a long, long time. I enjoy the flexible schedule, I love the coffee shop environment and the eclectic people and energy.

As I sit here at Starbucks the energy is buzzing; college students are sharing their stories and laughing. Professors are busy planning out their week and moms are visiting with their little ones, taking a break from the long days with a youth at home. The energy is amazing….confirmation that mobile-me is content for the time being.

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