Facebook: How to make your News Feed your Newspaper

I heard it best years ago when an old college roommate compared her facebook news feed to her own personal newspaper. She described her feed as an update of close friends and family, while also capturing the local and national headlines for the day and hearing from local businesses that she enjoys supporting.

Now the question being for many, how do you personalize your page enough so that the news feed is relevant to your interest without all the “fillers”.

Facebook allows you to make adjustments on your news feed so that you only have to have stories or posts showing that are of interest to you.  Imagine it like setting up your own personal news paper. To begin, when you click on the home button on your personal profile page, you will see a newsfeed of either the most recent posts or top stories. As you scroll thru the list, you will see a down arrow that you can toggle to the right of each post. Hovering over the down arrow, click hide. At this point the story is now hidden from your newsfeed. Note, that you can take it a step further and edit how and if you see any further posts from this person or page, by simply clicking on the change what updates you get.  From here, you can click either all updates, most updates or only important, and furthermore unclick the categories that do not interest you.

Facebook is a huge platform….make it personal, make it your newspaper!

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