Love of community

Listen, look at the big picture, assess needs, research, organize and implement are key ingredients to Métier’s success.

Métier’s beginning…

Métier began in 2010 with two entrepreneurs seeking a solution for small business support. After creating the individual business plans and working independently for a short period, our wise husbands quietly suggested the two of us sit down and discuss partnering in business together. After watching both of us calling each other for advice and collaborating on different projects, we both agreed that a cup of coffee and review of business plans was in order.

As we sat in Victoria’s kitchen and sipped on a fresh brew while reviewing our individual business plans, we realized we had almost identical business models, goals and objectives.

A lot of coffee, a couple glasses of wine and a handshake (actually a hug) sealed the deal for the two of us. A pile of paperwork later and Métier was up and rolling.  We can thank the two men in our lives and our families for the encouragement, patience and support along the way.

As summer of 2010 passed, our reputation built and so did our client base. We represented numerous small companies and independent contractors as far South as the Carolinas, along the Coast, up to Midcoast, Maine. Our reputation had grown and so had our portfolio. The diversity was exciting as much as a challenge at times.

In June 2014, shortly after celebrating the 4th year of success, it was time for “a shift”. As one business partner was ready for a personal change, the other took the opportunity to revisit the plan and refocus on her real estate passion, with her tech savvy drive and she honed her client base back to the real estate industry with consulting and virtual transactional management.


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