Making a Shift: FORE!

June 2010 to June 2014… stay tuned as we make a shift.

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The mammoth day: building a cathredral

For those that may need a little strength to make it through the day and for those days that seem mammoth in nature to ever get through.


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Facebook: How to turn “on/off” business page notifications

I enjoy following businesses on facebook and like to find latest trends, coupon notices and news through my facebook notifications. But…..when a business starts to post 100+ postings a day, it falls into the annoyance category.

Two options:
Option A: “unlike” the business.
Option B: Hover over the “Liked” button on the business page and simply un-check the “Get Notifications” line. This will remove the posts from your notification tab on your home page.

Rule of thumb for businesses; post important and relevant information, first and foremost. If your business would like to post 100+ photos a day, perhaps facebook is not the platform for you, and your business should be exploring other platforms such as Pinterest.

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How’s Your Mental Clock: Choose to be Happy

Take five minutes out of your day to watch this TED video. You will be thankful you did, and may just rearrange what you have scheduled for tomorrow.

Listening to the words of Ric Elias will change the way you think about life; by removing the negative energy and redirecting your focus on to the most important things.  

Don’t wait another day, as life is not forever.

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Friend Requests on Facebook: Would you Share a Cup of Coffee with that Person?

Social media has changed our lives and also sheds new light on the term “friend”.  I often receive social media questions from my friends and family about a person from my community whom is a mutual friend of mine and they are curious who they are, and if they should accept their “friend” request.

My rule of thumb has always been to only accept their request if they are someone that you would like to share a cup of coffee with at 8am the next morning or grab a beverage with after work the following day. If you cannot answer yes to either, than is it really worth allowing that person into your online circle?

Let us know what you think? As for me, I am going to stick with the logic, of no coffee or wine than you probably do not have enough in common to share in my online world.


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Facebook: How to make your News Feed your Newspaper

I heard it best years ago when an old college roommate compared her facebook news feed to her own personal newspaper. She described her feed as an update of close friends and family, while also capturing the local and national headlines for the day and hearing from local businesses that she enjoys supporting.

Now the question being for many, how do you personalize your page enough so that the news feed is relevant to your interest without all the “fillers”.

Facebook allows you to make adjustments on your news feed so that you only have to have stories or posts showing that are of interest to you.  Imagine it like setting up your own personal news paper. To begin, when you click on the home button on your personal profile page, you will see a newsfeed of either the most recent posts or top stories. As you scroll thru the list, you will see a down arrow that you can toggle to the right of each post. Hovering over the down arrow, click hide. At this point the story is now hidden from your newsfeed. Note, that you can take it a step further and edit how and if you see any further posts from this person or page, by simply clicking on the change what updates you get.  From here, you can click either all updates, most updates or only important, and furthermore unclick the categories that do not interest you.

Facebook is a huge platform….make it personal, make it your newspaper!

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Communicating with the MASSes: The Use of Social Media during Tragedy

Yesterday started out just like any other; I checked in with my social media sites to see what was happening around the world. With school vacation under way, people were posting photos from their beach resorts and with the Boston Marathon 2013 taking place, I commented on friends posts and went out for a short run myself dreaming that I was a marathon runner just like all of them.
As Patriots Day unfolded, and as the marathon runners crossed the finished line, my heart went out to all of those courageous people that made the 26.1 mile trek. These folks are all heroes in my book, just for completing a run of this caliber.
It was just after 4 hours into the marathon when the video was seen on TV and the news reporter announced that a blast occurred near the finish line. At that moment my mind went into panic for my friends that were in Boston. Again, I turned to social media looking for news that these people were ok. Without seeing a post or having received a text, I quickly sent an in-box message, requesting a post that they were somewhere safe, for all to see. Within the hour a post was made announcing their where-abouts and my heart returned to normal….well, as normal as it could be after observing the tragic situation from afar.
The lesson here is that social media platforms have become our community connections. They report news to the masses in a split second. When you find yourself far from home or in an area where tragedy is happening, reach out and let others know that you are safe. If you are unable to post, text a friend and have them post to your wall or “tag” you in a post such that it appears on your wall. It certainly reduces the stress and worrying for those friends and family back home.
As for business pages, the best advise I have seen is from Jon Loomer: He shares, the constant reminder of the five things you should do in such a situation are as follows: (1) Stop Everything, (2) Listen and Observe, (3) Contribute or React, (4) Evaluate Planned Content, (5) Reboot.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people that were at the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. We Love You Boston! Be brave, be strong and carry on.

reference to Jon Loomer and his blog post April 16, 2013.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Source: Métier on Pinterest

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Working from Home: Coffee Shop Energy

As I was packing my bag yesterday to head out of town for a business trip with my husband, my teenage son looked at me and asked, “mom, I don’t know how you do it. When I am home I have no energy to do work, I would never be able to work from home. I would miss seeing people and would be so distracted with all the other things going on at home.  Do you like working from home?”

I was taken back by his words, and honestly surprised that he even gave it that much thought. I enjoy working from home, being there for the kids, and having the flexibility to jump out of the office to accommodate the daily schedule changes of my family. But there are times when I miss the energy of the office, the chats around the water cooler and the celebratory high fives when accomplishments are made.

I have been able to fulfill a drained personal battery with trips to the local coffee shops or wi-fi hot spots and my battery is almost instantly restored. I know that someday I may need to work out of a “standard” office environment, but honestly I hope that this day does not come for a long, long time. I enjoy the flexible schedule, I love the coffee shop environment and the eclectic people and energy.

As I sit here at Starbucks the energy is buzzing; college students are sharing their stories and laughing. Professors are busy planning out their week and moms are visiting with their little ones, taking a break from the long days with a youth at home. The energy is amazing….confirmation that mobile-me is content for the time being.

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Happy President’s Day!

Why not add some fun to the holiday???  Here is a link we thought we would share that includes some fun Apps for Presidents Day. Might be something fun to play around with.


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