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Several, several years ago a close friend emphasised the importance to shop our “Main Street” for the holidays.  He also explained the importance of spending our own dollars locally and how in turn that act stimulates our local economy. Since that time we strive … Continue reading

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Local Knowledge – a true benefit to the small Maine business

Maine’s business culture seems to center around the small businesses – individuals, partners and families that have chosen to work for themselves. Maine has some amazing and unique businesses. It is truly wonderful to walk into a local shop or … Continue reading

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Ten Ideas to Green Up Your Business

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day…. Below is a list of a few small things you can do to be environmentally friendly in your business. 1. Send emails instead of snail mail whenever possible. For instance, most accounting programs let you email … Continue reading

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Keep it personal

When a business focuses on customer service and they make it personal the experience becomes memorable and engaging. Not to long ago I was at Fore Street Restaurant in Portland. Upon making the reservation it was mentioned that it we … Continue reading

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Balancing Home Office Distractions

It can be tough to limit distractions while working from a home office. Yes, there are plenty of things to do around your house…laundry, dinner prep, mop, check the home mail… But there are just as many things to do … Continue reading

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What kind of business should I choose?

Pick a business trade that suites your skills and interests. One in which you have a good knowledge base and the desire to continue learning about.  Create a list of your talents, passions and strengths. Then from that list create another list of … Continue reading

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The social media bandwagon…

Social  media is becoming more and more common place. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like…where to begin? I found an interesting video from google about their social search.

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Commercial Property Lease Terms

Métier is in the process of looking for a new office space and as such, I have revisited my real estate background and the definitions for the various commercial lease terms. With so many variations of commercial rental terms available … Continue reading

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Business Etiquette

When was the last time you sat at a meeting or meal with someone who answered their phone or texted in the middle of your conversation? Relationships with people are key in the success of your business and many relationships have … Continue reading

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I sit across from a remarkable woman who is not from Generation X – She’s a baby boomer.  I am however from Generation X – in fact I was born towards the middle of the generation’s year span (1961-1981). My coworker will … Continue reading

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