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Put a smile on and get out of your car

Every person you meet has the potential to bring you business.  It could be the lady you standing in line behind you at the grocery store, the postmaster or your hairdresser.  Every time you venture out into your community, you could meet … Continue reading

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Local Knowledge – a true benefit to the small Maine business

Maine’s business culture seems to center around the small businesses – individuals, partners and families that have chosen to work for themselves. Maine has some amazing and unique businesses. It is truly wonderful to walk into a local shop or … Continue reading

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Keep it personal

When a business focuses on customer service and they make it personal the experience becomes memorable and engaging. Not to long ago I was at Fore Street Restaurant in Portland. Upon making the reservation it was mentioned that it we … Continue reading

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Great simple advice from Ann Handley about gaining referrals: “There are two basic approaches to generating more business: The first is to focus on making your existing customers insanely happy, so that they want to tell others about how much … Continue reading

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Customer Service

It’s never fun to be tangled in a web of telephone prompts and selections.  In this day of technology, let us not forget the power of good customer service. Interesting thoughts on customer service

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