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Where are you going?

The audience only pays attention as long as you know where you are going.  –Philip Crosby Métier is working with several local established and new businesses that are planning their next big step, are goal setting or are asking the logical question … Continue reading

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Put a smile on and get out of your car

Every person you meet has the potential to bring you business.  It could be the lady you standing in line behind you at the grocery store, the postmaster or your hairdresser.  Every time you venture out into your community, you could meet … Continue reading

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Local Knowledge – a true benefit to the small Maine business

Maine’s business culture seems to center around the small businesses – individuals, partners and families that have chosen to work for themselves. Maine has some amazing and unique businesses. It is truly wonderful to walk into a local shop or … Continue reading

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Join a Networking Group

Increase your word of mouth marketing and ramp up your business by joining a business exchange or networking group. This is a great opportunity to share your business with other community business members. Plus as an extra bonus, since one of the … Continue reading

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Ten Ideas to Green Up Your Business

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day…. Below is a list of a few small things you can do to be environmentally friendly in your business. 1. Send emails instead of snail mail whenever possible. For instance, most accounting programs let you email … Continue reading

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Retweets Really?

Twitter…. I am giving Twitter a honest effort. I doubt anyone cares what I had for lunch today or about what I am doing on an hourly basis so I won’t tweet those. I do however attempt to tweet once … Continue reading

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The social media bandwagon…

Social  media is becoming more and more common place. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like…where to begin? I found an interesting video from google about their social search.

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Business Etiquette

When was the last time you sat at a meeting or meal with someone who answered their phone or texted in the middle of your conversation? Relationships with people are key in the success of your business and many relationships have … Continue reading

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A slow market is the perfect time to generate momentum

I am constantly looking for new ideas – for myself – for clients. With current market conditions, company downsizing, and increased costs – business owners need advertising ideas that won’t eat up their budget. Recently, I revisited a book that … Continue reading

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