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Facebook: How to make your News Feed your Newspaper

I heard it best years ago when an old college roommate compared her facebook news feed to her own personal newspaper. She described her feed as an update of close friends and family, while also capturing the local and national … Continue reading

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Recycled Paper? Certified Paper? What does this mean?

I have been interested in using more environmentally friendly paper in my office. Shopping online or at the local office supply stores show that that there are several type of green, recycled, eco friendly and paper sources available. There are … Continue reading

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Ten Ideas to Green Up Your Business

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day…. Below is a list of a few small things you can do to be environmentally friendly in your business. 1. Send emails instead of snail mail whenever possible. For instance, most accounting programs let you email … Continue reading

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Whats the difference between Public and Private Tweets?

A good article on the difference between public and private tweets from Twibes: Tweet: A tweet is a post or status update on Twitter

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What kind of business should I choose?

Pick a business trade that suites your skills and interests. One in which you have a good knowledge base and the desire to continue learning about.  Create a list of your talents, passions and strengths. Then from that list create another list of … Continue reading

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