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Facebook: How to make your News Feed your Newspaper

I heard it best years ago when an old college roommate compared her facebook news feed to her own personal newspaper. She described her feed as an update of close friends and family, while also capturing the local and national … Continue reading

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What will my kids remember?

Photo from: I grew up in the 1980s with a tv that was encased in wood and had 12 numbers on a turn dial knob. I was excited when Atari, Intellivision, Beta and VHS came out.  The sounds of Space Invaders and Frogger are still … Continue reading

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Generation Y Larger than the Baby Boomers?

Marketing and communicating to the various generations always intrigues me. I find it interesting to see how various age groups embrace or resist communication. And interesting to see who hides behind a computer verses who quickly picks up the phone. … Continue reading

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Ten Ideas to Green Up Your Business

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day…. Below is a list of a few small things you can do to be environmentally friendly in your business. 1. Send emails instead of snail mail whenever possible. For instance, most accounting programs let you email … Continue reading

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Fun USB Flash Drives

Smile, these designer USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drives make back-up fun.  From Boston based Mimoco they just might add some fun to your day or be a great gift for the right person. Backing up your work is essential… go ahead … Continue reading

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